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The New South Wales goverment has released its much anticipated Cruise Development Plan, highlighting its plans for addressing the ongoing capacity and infrastructure constraints in Sydney Harbour and developing regional cruise infrastructure, including new cruise destinations along the NSW coast.

The plan is available for download here.

The report says the NSW goverment will "ensure cruise infrastructure is fit-for-purpose in Sydney and at major transit ports in Newcastle, Port Kembla, Eden and other potential locations along the NSW coast."

In Sydney, the goal is to look into long-term options for capacity increases, and maximize the use of the existing terminals, including a potential revamp of the berth booking system.

The NSW government said it will investigate the use of Hayes Dock, Port Botany as an interim cruise terminal solution once a long-term solution is confirmed. The NSW government also announced it will prepare a strategic business case to assess the viability of two potential sites: Molineaux Point and Yarra Bay. The idea to use nearby Garden Island was dismissed.

"The NSW Government recognizes the strategic and economic importance of Garden Island as an operational base for the Royal Australian Navy, as well as its historical and cultural value for the defense industry and community."

The report also goes into detail on building up NSW's transit ports, while also developing infrastructure i those ports and looking to add additional smaller ports targeted to the expedition market.

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