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I have responded to a couple of comments on the board about H boats from the old NZS Co. I sailed on two so could hardly call myself a H boat man but feel some daft old sentiments for them. The cramped cabins and the relatively large engineroom with those two LBD's down there. The less glorious jobs left to the nightwork junior. But many of us got our groundings in the marine engineering field on those old ships. For me and I would think Steve too it was quite a shift when we went to Wild boats and went into the control room. Wild Auks used to be know as Startreck if remember rightly. I also served on T boats which had much better acomodation but sadly for a junior engineer they were hard work as when you joined it was go on stop on. Continuous watches, then the H boats seemed like heaven with up to three months on the NZ coast and a week of nights one in four.
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