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Oceania Cruises today announced its 2021 "Around the World Cruise" in 180 Days aboard the Insignia.

The cruise will travel more than 39,000 nautical miles across three oceans and 44 seas while visiting 100 ports of call in 44 countries.

Departing Miami on January 9, 2021 and culminating in New York City on July 9, 2021, this six-continent voyage offers an unparalleled opportunity to travel the world, the company said.

“This is a landmark itinerary for Oceania Cruises. Guests sail the world with us to experience extensive and all-encompassing itineraries. This world cruise is particularly exciting; six continents, three oceans and 44 countries; it’s an itinerary designed to appeal to the Kipling in all of us, matching our famous on-board luxury with personal and profound visits to the world’s most compelling destinations,” stated Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises.

Among the highlights are 125 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, three days in Yangon, three days in Istanbul, and overnights in Bora Bora, Cairns, Hong Kong, Saigon, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai, Luxor, Jerusalem, Venice, Lisbon, Seville, and Bordeaux.

There are also Overland Tours ranging from one to three nights:

Magical Uluru: Ayers Rock. 3 Nights.
Magnificent Macau. 1 Night.
Hue, Da Nang, and Hoi An. 2 Nights
Angkor Wat. 2 Nights.
Ancient Temples of Bagan. 1 Night.
Taj Mahal – The Eternal Masterpiece. 3 Nights.
Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. 3 Nights.
Luxor & The Pyramids. 1 Night.
Traditional and Ancient Spain. 1 Night.

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