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P&O Cruises has announced a series of new shore experiences, with their Food Heroes leading guests on a “journey of discovery” in Norway.

Chef Marco Pierre White, pâtissier Eric Lanlard and wine expert Olly Smith will each bring their expertise and flair to the excursions. According to P&O, they will guide small groups of guests on a mission to learn more about local delicacies and to discover how top Norwegian chefs create gourmet delights with regional produce.

These guest experiences will be offered across seven cruises in 2019, before going on sale for Iona’s maiden season in the Norwegian fjords from May 2020.

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said: “We know our guests want to immerse themselves in new cultures and enjoy authentic experiences that provide a sense of the locality they visit. Food has an unmatched ability to communicate a unique sense of place, with local cuisine providing a direct connection to the history of a region, the soul of its people and the rhythm of daily life. Our Food Heroes will deliver a unique menu of experiences, with all the ingredients for the most appetizing of adventures.”

Guests going ashore in Stavanger with Chef Marco Pierre White are promised a journey from farm to high-end cuisine. Marco will take guests to the restaurant Fish & Cow, where owner and celebrity chef Kjartan Skjelde will explain how local seasonal produce is the real star of the show. At a local farm guests will help the chefs pick the freshest ingredients. Back in the kitchen Marco and Kjartan will then transform the harvest into dishes - with guests getting their turn to recreate the meal under expert tuition.

Eric Lanlard will take his guests to experience some of the country’s dairy products at a collective of fermenters and preservers in Stavanger, after learning more about the importance of local ingredients at the Scandi-chic restaurant Tango. The master pâtissier will then be joined in the kitchen by Mary-Ann Skjeie, an award winning local chef. The pair will whip up a dessert of yoghurt mousse with beignets and hay ice cream, made with fresh yoghurt from Stavanger Ysteri. The group will then get the opportunity to recreate the tasty treat.

In Bergen, award winning drinks expert Olly Smith will take a small group of guests to a brewery. They will journey to the heart of the city’s craft ale scene, discovering more about the techniques used to create seven very different types of beer at the 7 Fjell Brewery. A selection of expertly paired dishes will complement the tasting session, with Olly guiding his guests through a range of flavors and ingredients.

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