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Sailed on both Pacific Peace and Pacific Patriot 1983. The Patriot was first and I joined her in Hamburg Drydock after she had just finished her maiden voyage and cracks in the welds all across the main Deck had been found and I believe that you could get all your Fingers in some of the cracks.which didn't do much good for the reputation of the Goven Yard.I believe that she was launched by the Queen and that it cost C Y Tung £20000 pounds to install a temperary lift for her when she went on board to inspect the Ship .could have done with that lift when we were Hatch cleaning Anyway sailed on her for six months running between Banjul Gambia to Port Alfred,Canada with Bauxite.Every time we left Banjul we must have shoveled about a hundred tons of Bauxite off the Hatches.Paid off after 6 months in Port Alfred and then joined the Peace in Nagasaki.she had been there for repairs like the Patriot and was only a year old at the time.Did six months on her and paid off in Norway.Looking back it must have been the most boring year that I spent at must have been because I Can't remember a lot about it
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