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Paama Canal WebCAm

R651400 said:
Picked this up as a link from another thread.
Marked addictive.
Think you will see reason why!
Certainly is addictive - a week or so ago looked in just in time to see QE2 passing through Miraflores Locks - she looked magnificent, her white upperworks in particular looked pristine.

Jim S

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This has been around for quite a long time.Though the pic image has increased in size recently if you like marine cams go to and scroll down to the links you will find a lot of marine links and cams,for instance you can see the Soo locks cam though it is closed now for the winter season and other places with marine activity

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Bob Davies said:
Hi Ruud.
Now I have????
Been to panama and the lakes - again - 1st time in years.
Magic innit.
Ahoy Bob,
If you're able to see the locks, indeed Java is installed.
Good luck
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