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Any of you Brocks men loaded a full cargo of peanuts ?
On the MALAKAND (I think) we loaded a full cargo of peanuts at 2 places on the East coast of India - Masulitpatnam 9 south of Visag and Cuddalore - south of Madras. It was in 1946 I think. At both places we anchored a mile or two offshore and sailing barges brought out the bagged nuts. The stevedores lived aboard and lit fires on deck to cook their curry and rice and they ate out of big green leaves. In one of the places we went ashore in a boat - quite hairy going through the surf.
By the time we got home we were sick of peanuts. The sorner of the hatch covers were raised for ventilation and as we passed by we would grab nuts and fill our pockets.
Brocks started having fans in the vents and we kept a record of dew point, etc and venilated accordingly. I think Brocks advertised that they took extra care f their cargoes.
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