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Built by Wed. Boele (P.Boele Pzn), 1893 Slikkerveer, Holland.
30.95 m x 6.05 x 2.01 in metres

Steam Engine,
Triple Expansion with injection-condensation, Built 1924 by Koopman,
Dordrecht Holland.
Revolutions per minute 140 rev./min.
Generated horsepower 300 i.p.k.

A new boiler was fitted and a partly refurb of the superstructure took place in 1978.
The vessel was acquired by the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam in 1986 and loaned to "Steam Dordt".
Since 1994 she is owned by a Rotterdam Maritime Society but maintenance is undertaken by Steam Dordt and the vessel has a permanent spot in the
Wolwevershaven in Dordrecht.
Photos Feb 2006.
You also find some photos in the Gallery.


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