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Following the successful publication of my book about Portishead Radio, it has been suggested to me that I should write a companion volume about the UK Coast Radio Station network. Of course, my former GKA colleague Brian Faulkner wrote the excellent ‘Watchers of the Waves’ back in 1996, but this has not been available for many years, and does not include the final years of the service. Sadly, Brian passed away last year, but I have obtained permission from his wife to use parts of his book as the basis for my project.

I therefore intend to update, revise and expand that book, and feature many more photographs which I have in my own archives.

Feedback from those who bought my GKA book suggests that memories, amusing stories, and recollections of local ‘characters’ were very well received, and this is something I would like to do for this book.

Therefore, if anyone has any memories about working the Coast Stations, any incidents or episodes, long-distance contacts etc. I’d be very pleased if you could share them with me. Also if anyone who worked at the stations, no matter for how long, could recall any of their colleagues and any amusing incidents they were involved in, that would also be great.

My plan is to finalise the draft manuscript by Feb/March next year, with a view to publication in the summer – although of course it depends on how much information comes to light during my research.

I have set up a new email address specifically for this project which is: [email protected] - please feel free to send me your memories and all will be acknowledged.

Thank you in advance – I will keep everyone advised of progress.

Larry +
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