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In 1903 the Hamburg Shipping Company Wencke and Sons ordered a 4 mast barque from a Scottish Yard.
Named her Mneme, an abbreviation of Mnemosyne, the goddess for Memory.

Few years later the German company Ferdinand Laeisz bought the vessel and named it Pommern, in tradition as all their vessels started with a P, like Pamir, Passat etc. She changed hands to the Greeks in 1921, later became under Finnish flag.
In 1932 she became the fastest boat on the leg Europe to Australia (75 days).
In 1939 laid up in Mariehamn and is now the only "grain racer" in the world on full display having over 50.000 visitors a year.

copyright : Hempel A/S Copenhagen , 01/97
artist: Johannes E. Moeller (Danish)
The painting illustrates the vessel was leaving Copenhagen after taking providores on her way to Australia.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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