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Hello everyone, I'm Simone from Italy and I have a small story to tell and a couple of questions.

My grandmother (Rina Franchetti) was an actress born in 1907 and she worked with italian dramatist Luigi Pirandello. Pirandello's Theatre Company and so my grandmother went to Argentina on late May 1927 crossing the Atlantic onboard SS Principessa Mafalda. As many of you know after few more voyages, on the 25th of October 1927, the Steamer sank due to very bad maintenance (left propeller shaft had broken resulting in the propeller shaft coming loose, swinging the rapidly rotating propeller against the hull and gouging into the side of the ship at the stern) causing huge life loss.

I've found some pictures of my grandmother on decks with other actors and/or some crew member. I also found one with the whole theatre company and Captain Simone Guli. There was also a Dakar's postcard she wrote (but never sent) to some friend of her where I've found the exact voyage date. (not attached here due to limit of 5 files)




I also have a small porcelain vase that she brought back from the vessel with ship's name and N.G.I initials on it (Navigazione Generale Italiana) I don't know if it was a gift, a lecit souvenir or if she stole it, unfortunately I've never asked her when she was alive.



As you can see from photos it has a small chip on the neck.

Could this item have value for a collector? if so how can I estimate a fair value for it?

Thank You very much in advance for your help.

Simone Conti
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