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The Port of Amsterdam is trialing a new monitoring system to explore Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (i.e. drones) usage in its airspace, according to a press release.

The port has launched a four-week test period of M.A.D.S (Marine Anti Drone Systems).

The focus of the trial for the port is to build understanding of how, where and why drones are flying over the Port of Amsterdam, according to a statement.

The port has identified the potential of drones for numerous use applications across its, and its customers’ operations. This trial will monitor their use. Many port customers are preparing to use drones for infrastructure inspection and measurement of environmental parameters.

"This trial is an important part of our innovation strategy. The M.A.D.S system gives us a first opportunity to get a feeling for the technology that will help us understand drone usage and make a first assessment on unwanted drone flights in a part of our port," said Joost Zuidema, project manager, innovation, for the port.

The M.A.D.S system will support the port by monitoring legal and illegal flying across its land. The system solves this problem by detecting and identifying drones within a 5km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone and pilot together with the drone’s speed and heading.

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