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As the first initiative launched by Silversea Cruises in partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Project Invictus has increased Silversea’s luxury offering to enhance the experience aboard, according to a press release from Silversea.

In addition to Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, which were announced prior to the launch of Project Invictus and are expected to join the fleet in 2020 and 2021, respectively, Silversea has ordered three new ships as part of Project Invictus: Silver Origin, which will be primed for cruising in the Galapagos Islands, and two Evolution-class ships.

Refurbishments were also made to Silver Whisper in December 2018, while an augmented refurbishment of Silver Wind – planned for the summer of 2020 – will open up deployment for the vessel thanks to a strengthened ice-class hull and the addition of Zodiacs.

On the culinary side, in addition to being welcomed by chilled champagne in their suites upon embarkation, guests always have complimentary sustainable Ars Italica caviar 24 hours per day.

Across Silversea’s fleet, around 180,000 bottles of champagne and 2,400kg of caviar are consumed by guests each year, marking a 340 percent increase of the latter.

Approximately 66,100kg of lobster is consumed yearly, along with an increased abundance of other seafood delicacies, 66,100kg of tenderloin steak, 33,100kg of striploin steak, and 58,000kg of fresh berries, including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Comprising between 50 and 70 labels, the complimentary wine list has also been upgraded, as Silversea adds more variety, including more regional options.

On Silversea ships, more than 670,000 bottles of wine are consumed each year, the company said.

Guests on expedition voyages will also now receive a complimentary DVD package that will depict the highlights of their voyage.

The cruise line has also updated its television programming and movie selections for all guests.

“I am very pleased to hear such positive feedback on Project Invictus from guests,” said Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s CEO. “I am receiving emails on a daily basis from guests who appreciate the enhanced offering, as well as the exceptional service for which Silversea is renowned. It is clear that Project Invictus has made a significant impact since its implementation. I take pride in being the CEO of a cruise line that is so committed to the enjoyment of its guests.”

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