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Pullmantur Cruceros has announced that during the Monarch’s recent weekly call in Puerto Colon, more than 30 students from the Panama International Hotel School took part in a training day on customer service and food preparation, hosted by Pullmantur and Diageo Global Brands.

The students were members of Learning for Life, a program developed by Diageo, which the company said is designed to equip them with valuable life skills and to provide students from modest backgrounds with training in four key employment areas, including cocktail-making, the service industry, sales techniques and the entrepreneurial spirit.

During the course, the hotel director on the Monarch, Renato Debeuc, explained how the hotel department on the Monarch is organized, the various jobs and duties and the importance of providing guests with customer service. They also learned how the galley is organized on board, in terms of both staffing and logistics.

The students also watched a cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Estanislao L. Canapi and Pastry Chef BorguraUppalaiah. They were also treated to a cocktail demonstration by Félix Cuevas, winner of the WorldClass Panama 2015 prize, who is a graduate from the Learning for Life program, and is now a teacher at the International Hotel School.

This event was part of an effort in getting well-known companies involved in providing field trips for the Learning for Life students, according to Pullmantur and Diageo. They said the program has so far provided support to more than 100,000 people from 35 countries, allowing them to learn about the importance of responsibility and the qualities and aptitudes demanded in competitive, high-level workplaces so that they opt for both national and international experiences.

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