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O.N. 118734. 409g. 158n. 175.0 x 25.1 x 11.7 feet.
T.3-cyl. (15½”, 25¾” and 41” x 33”) by Cooper and Greig, Dundee. 132nhp.

24.9.1903: Launched by the Dundee Shipbuilder’s Company Ltd., Dundee (Yard No.143) as a speculation for their own account as ROSYTH.
30.10.1903: Registered at Dundee.
12.1903: Completed.
12.1903: Sold to Kircaldy Steamship Company Ltd., Kirkaldy.
31.10.1915: Stranded at Whitburn, south of the River Tyne.
7.11.1915: Refloated and taken into Sunderland for repairs.
11.1917: Sold to the Wear Steam Shipping Company (1917) Ltd., Sunderland.
12.1919: Sold to the Dundee, Perth and London Shipping Company Ltd.
9.1934: Sold to William J. Ireland, Liverpool.
1935: Renamed QUICKTHORN.
11.1937: Sold to the Ribble Shipping Company Ltd., (William J. Ireland, manager), Liverpool.
6.1940: Sold to G. W. Grace and Company, London.
15.1.1942: Whilst on a voyage from Newport, Mons, with coal, for Londonderry foundered in heavy seas off Skokholm Island, Pembrokeshire.
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