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Not got much on the family as such, but have a bit about the business titles and vessels

Rainey of Larne

Another Irish Container Service
From the Commercial Motor Archive - Originally printed on the 14th July 1961

A NEW transport container service will come into operation between Londonderry and Preston before the end of 1961. It will be operated by Anglo-Irish Transport, Ltd., a new company formed by one of the oldest coal importing and shipping firms in Ulster.
The directors are Mr. John Rainey, sen., and Mr. John Rainey, jun., who, with Mr. William S. Rainey, are also principals of John Rainey, Ltd., the Larne coal importing and shipping firm,
Mr. Rainey, jun., is the fourth generation of the family to be connected with shipping, and he will reside in Londonderry to manage the new venture.
At the outset it is intended to have a twice-weekly service out of Derry to Preston, using the firm's 800-ton Loch Linnhe, which has for the past six years been engaged in operating a similar service between Larne, Preston and Ardrossan. She is capable of carrying 31 containers of 15 tons each.

Based on above statement on generations

1st generation ? - Wm. Rainey
2nd generation ? -John Rainey sen
3rd generation ? - Wm S Rainey
4th generation John Rainey jun

Wm. Rainey & Hugh Hall, Larne
Trading as Rainey & Hall – coal merchants
(Wm. Rainey as manager)

Belfast Gazette, edition 402, page 272 of 8th March 1929

NOTICE is hereby given that the Partnership which existed between the late WILLIAM RAINEY and HUGH HALL, carrying on business as Coal Merchants, at Bank Quays and Circular Road, Larne, and as Dairy Farmers, at Blackcave, Lame, under the style or firm of Rainey & Hall, has been dissolved as and from the 30th day of November, 1928.
The said Hugh Hall will carry on in his own name the business of Coal Merchant, at Bank Quays and Circular Road, Larne, aforesaid, and all debts due to and owing by the said business of Coal Merchant after 30th November, 1928, will be received and paid respectively by him. The business of the said Dairy Farmers, at Blackcave, Larne, aforesaid, will be carried on by Margaret Rainey, widow of the said William Rainey, in her own name, and all debts due to and owing by the said business of Dairy Farmers after the said 30th day of November, 3928, will be received and paid respectively by her.
Dated 26th clay of February, 1929
Signed by the said Margaret Rainey (Executrix of the Will of William Rainey, deceased)
in presence of W. McNinch. Jun., Solicitor, Larne.

Signed by the said Hugh Hall in presence of John G. H. Wilson, Solicitor, Belfast and Ballyclare

CLINT (1913 – 1920)
O.N. 102464. 215g. 32n. 125.0 x 20.0 x 9.0 feet.
C.2-cyl. (16” & 32” x 24”) by Ross & Duncan, Glasgow. 43 NHP.
26.6.1896: Launched by J. Fullerton & Company, Paisley (Yard No. 132), for J. Pattinson & Sons, Whitehaven.
7.1896: Completed.
1908: Purchased by Mrs Susannah Kelly, (Samuel Kelly, manager).
1909: Sold to Thomas Wilson, Belfast.
1910: Sold to Wilson & Reid, Belfast.
1913: Sold to Wm. Rainey & Hugh Hall, Larne.
1920: Sold to Clint Steamship Company Ltd., (Wm. Rainey, manager), Larne.
1920: Sold to F. O’Connor & Company, Wexford.
1921: Sold to J. D’Arcy, Wexford.
1921: Sold to M. J. O’Connor & J. D’Arcy, Wexford.
1922: Sold to the Wexford Steamship Company Ltd.
1924: Sold to J. M. Piggins, Montrose.
16.3.1927: Whilst on a voyage from Montrose to Weymouth, with a cargo of potatoes, foundered S. E. of Montrose.

O.N. 119155. 259g. 69n. 124.8 x 22.1 x 8.8 feet
C. 2-cyl. (15” & 32” x 24”) by Smith, Allan and Co., Pollokshaws, Glasgow. 40 NHP, 360 IHP; 10 knots.
8.1904: Completed by the Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Ardrossan (Yard No. 197).
24.8.1904: Registered in the ownership of the Abbotsford Steamship Co. Ltd. (John G. Frew and Co., managers), Glasgow.
31.10.1912: Sold to Thomas W. Ward Ltd., Sheffield.
20.10.1915: Sold to William Rainey, Larne.
9.11.1915: To Wm. Rainey & Hugh Hall, (Wm. Rainey, manager) Larne and renamed CASTLEROCK.
12.12.1922: Sold to the Elvedon Shipping Co. Ltd. (Griffin Brothers, managers), Cardiff.
24.10.1927: Sold to William Scott, Hull.
8.12.1932: Sold to W.N. Lindsay Ltd., Leith.
13.12.1937: Sold to John Neilson, Dundee.
10.1.1938: Owners became the Tay Sand Co. Ltd. (John Neilson, manager), Dundee.
5.12.1945: Sold to William R. Metcalfe, Falmouth.
26.6.1952: Arrived at Grays, Essex to be broken up by T.W. Ward Ltd.
27.7.1953: Register closed.

Clint Steamship Co Ltd
(Wm Rainey, manager)

CLINT (1920 – 1921) see above for details

John Rainey

HAMILTON (1934 – 1938)
O.N. 98334. 150g. 68n. 85.0 x 20.1 x 8.2 feet.
C.2-cyl. 12” & 24” x 18”) by Gauldie, Gillespie & Co., Glasgow. 32 RHP
19.10.1905: Launched by Scott & Sons, Bay Yard, Bowling (Yard No. 180)
15.11.1905: Registered at Stranraer
12.1905: Completed for J. Marshall & Son, Drummore, Wigtonshire
1908: Lengthened to 97.5 feet 180g.
1930: Sold to J Wyllie & Sons (Hugh A. Wyllie manager), Stranraer
1934: Sold to John Rainey, 3 Cross St, Larne
1938: To The Shira Steamship Company Ltd. (Colin McPhail, manager), Glasgow
16.2.1940: Whilst on a voyage from Ayr with coal for Cambeltown, foundered 1.5 miles S/E of Pladda, Firth of Clyde with the loss of four crew
George M'Lean, Master.
George Downie, Mate.
Robert Miller, Engineer.
John M'Millan, Fireman.
One survivor, Buchan M'Lean.

John Rainey Ltd

LOCH ETIVE (1) (1950 – 1956)
O.N. 129484 237g 89n 122.3 x 21.6 x 9.4 feet
C. 2-cyl. (14½” & 30” x 24”) by Fisher's Ltd., Paisley. 35rhp
24.3.1910: Launched by Scott and Son, Bowling (Yard No.220)
14.4.1910: Registered at Glasgow
4.1910: Completed for John G. Stewart, Glasgow
1916: Sold to the British Aluminium Co. Ltd. (P.D. Hendry and Sons, managers), Glasgow.
1950: Sold to John Rainey Ltd., Larne.
26.3.1956: Arrived at Dublin to be broken up by the Hammond Lane Foundry Ltd.

John Rainey (Shipping) Ltd

LOCH LINNHE (1955 - 1964)
O.N. 185027. 753g. 366n. 888d. 190’ 0” x 29’ 2” x 12’ 11¼ ”
T.3-cyl. (15”, 25” & 40” x 30”) by Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd., Hull. 120 mn. / 420 bhp.
7.1928: Completed as ANNA by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Company (1927) Ltd., Goole (Yard No. 281), for Handel en Scheepvaart N. V., (M. Vandesompel, manager), Belgium.
1955: Sold to John Rainey (Shipping) Ltd., Larne, and renamed LOCH LINNHE.
9.1956: Re-boilered and converted to oil fuel. During the last few years of Rainey ownership, operated on Anglo Irish Transport’s container service between Londonderry and Preston, prior to the Coast Lines take-over of the service.
7.10.1964: Sold to the Shamrock Shipping Company Ltd., (Charles S. Brown, manager), Larne.
8.10.1964: Transferred to Thomas Jack & Company (Shipping) Ltd., Larne.
4.12.1964: Transferred to Dublin registry.
2.1.1965: Sold, for £15,000, to associate, Leadenhall Shipping Company Ltd., Dublin.
1966: Sold to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company Ltd., for demolition at Troon.

LOCH ETIVE (2) (1962 - 1964)
O.N. 182878. 982g. 490n. 206.1 x 31.7 x 12.2 feet.
T.3-cyl. (14½”, 25” & 41” x 30”) (engine No. 284) by the shipbuilder. 152 mn. / 532 bhp.
16.6.1948: Launched as LANCASTERBROOK by J. Lewis & Sons Ltd., Aberdeen (Yard No. 211), for the Williamstown Shipping Company Ltd., (Comben Longstaff & Company Ltd., managers), London.
10.1948: Completed.
1962: Sold to John Rainey (Shipping) Ltd., Larne, and renamed LOCH ETIVE. Operated on Anglo Irish Transport’s container service between Londonderry and Preston prior to the Coast Lines take-over of the service.
6.10.1964: Sold, for £42,000, to the Shamrock Shipping Company Ltd., (Charles S. Brown, manager), Larne.
2.11.1964: Delivered off charter.
20,6.1968: Sold, for £12,000, to Gondemar S. A., Panama, and renamed FAIR LADY.
1969: Sold to Hora Marine Transport, Cyprus, and renamed ELENGO.
1969: Sold to Toulamar Cia. Naviera S. A., Panama, and renamed FANEROMENI.
1.10.1969: Severely damaged in a collision with a Dutch inland waterway vessel at Rotterdam. Sold at creditor's behest to Solleveld & Van der Meer (Belgium) S. A.
14.1.1970: Passed Antwerp, in tow from Rotterdam to Hansweert, for demolition.
5.1970: Further delivered to B. E. M. Nea Sfagia, Athens, for demolition.

In 1964, the two elderly bridge amidship coasters, LOCH ETIVE and LOCH LINNHE were sold to Shamrock Shg Ltd, also of Larne, placed on bare-boat back-charter to John Rainey [Shipping] Ltd, Larne, and continued their employment on the Londonderry – Preston container service of Anglo-Irish Transport. That service however was acquired in 1965, at the end of a prolonged struggle, by Coast Lines Ltd., who henceforth employed their own vessels EARLSFIELD and FERNFIELD, supplemented by FALLOWFIELD that also made calls at nearby Portrush. At that juncture, the two vessels were returned to Shamrock by Rainey, with the intention of being sold “on best possible terms”. LOCH LINNHE was taken over at Glasgow on 7th October 1964, and within hours passed for £8,000, to associates, Thomas Jack (Shipping) Ltd., who had fixed her with a 3-year bareboat charter to Vincent Nolan, Dublin at £850 per month, with hire payable in advance from noon 2nd November when the vessel was at Londonderry. LOCH ETIVE however was retained and was fixed with a remunerative charter to Northern Ireland Trailers Ltd., to run container traffic from Larne to Ardrossan.

J. Rainey (Enterprises) Ltd
Donegal Place, Belfast

SCOTS GUARD (1965 - 1967) wood passenger launch
Details unknown
Motor vessel
1963: Completed by Timbacraft Ltd, Shandon for Guard Ferry Co Ltd for Helensburgh - Gareloch service
1.1965: Sold to J. Rainey (Enterprises) Ltd., (John Rainey, manager), Larne and renamed MAID OF ANTRIM passenger service on Lough Neagh
1967: 1967: Owner bankrupt and vessel laid up for sale on the Clyde
1967: Sold to George & James McGarry, Ardmore and returned to Lough Neagh service from Toomebridge
1975-6: Also cruised on Lough Foyle
1977 Antrim Borough Council
1998: Lough Neagh service ceased
2001: Sold to Con Law, Portglenone and embarked on a six year restoration programme
2007: Sold to Lough Neagh Cruises , ( Con Law, manager) Portglenone and returned to Lough Neagh service
2014: Still in service

KATHAR (1966 - 1969) LR/IMO No. 5313048
1,274g. 686n. 1,670d. 247’ 0” x 36’ 0” x 13’ 8”
10-cyl. 2 SCSA (350 x 550mm) by Waggon & Maschinenbau AG, Hamburg. 1,600bhp. 14 kts.
29.8.1953: Launched as SANTIAGO by Brugeoise, Bruge (Yard No. c25) for Armement L. Hermans SA, Belgium.
3.1954: Completed.
1966: Sold to J. Rainey (Enterprises) Ltd, (John Rainey, manager) Larne and renamed KATHAR.
1967: Owner bankrupt and vessel laid up for sale at Londonderry.
1969: Sold to George Bell (Chartering) Ltd, and renamed BELL COMBAT.
1969: Sold to Propeller Shipping Company Ltd, Cyprus and renamed APOLLO.
29.9.1971: Wrecked at a position 57.41N., 6.26W.
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