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Those little BI ships were not classic but they were very attractive ships and their modern cargo handling equipment seemed very advanced in the early 1960s. I remember on the Indian coast leaning over the bridge wing with the 2nd mate as he looked enviously at one of those ships (I think it was the Bombala) and said, "That is the way cargo ships are going Sparks, there is the ship of the future." He was very jealous of their AC supplies and cranes. The old 220-volt DC winches on the City of Lucknow were an endless source of trouble (but kept the lecky in full-time employment).

A few months later we were in Newark N.J. and watched a Sealand container vessel leaving port. "Ugly bloody thing" he said, "who would produce ships like that?" Sorry 2nd, time has shown that it isn't necessarily the pretty girl that lasts the course.

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