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I thought some of you BI guys would like to see a couple of pictures from early 1964 - Built by Barclay Curle, Glasgow in 1926, RAJULA is shown leaving Madras and the 1960 Harland & Wolff, Glasgow, BARBETA is in the River Hooghly. This class of 5 ships by same builder were the first British merchant ships to have all a.c deck machinery - a combination of the conventional winch/derrick arrangement and cranes. A 6 cylinder Harland -B&W engine of 6700 bhp drivibg a single screw gave a speed of 16 knots.
Very modern in appearance but in my opinion lacking the classic look of the larger turbine ships WOODARA and WAROONGA of the same period.
I was with Brocklebank at the time so I guess it could be argued I am not one to judge elegant ship designs.

Jim S


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