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Rescompany Systems has announced that it has signed a new deal with Adventure Canada to implement Resco’s Central Reservations Solution and Customer Relation Management System.

For more than thirty years, Adventure Canada has been taking people to some of the most unique destinations on the planet, including the Arctic, Eastern Canada, Greenland and Europe’s outer edges, according to a statement. This year, the company will again operate the Ocean Endeavour on a seasonal basis.

Resco’s flexible modules provide solutions for cruise, tour, hotel and air packaging as well as personalized booking options, large and small group sales management, GDS integration and much more.

Resco’s new user interfaces and shopping cart features are intuitive, easy to use and include fully customizable user views, the company said.

Rescompany is capitalizing on having a combined central reservation, CRM and onboard system (PMS/POS) in one package, the company said, in a press release.

The Resco CRM, Loyalty and Business Intelligence systems are available and integrated to the ship systems and helps to broaden customer touch points.

The systems provide for seamless collection of feedback to allow for customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Resco suite is designed to be a cruise line product and is said to be the only solution in the world to provide a complete 360-degree view of the cruise customer – shore to ship and back.

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