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Did anyone else out there ever sail on this old tramp?
I joined her as EDH in 1954,in Hull,along with the 2 Kens, Bill Smith, Brooksie,etc.We were all about 21 at the time.
Part of the time we were doing the Guano run between Naru and Wollangong.
We actually went ashore on the island to play a football match. I have a photo to prove it.
Also running between Vancouver and Sydney with timber. We ran into 3 Cyclones,around that time. One of which sprung the rivets in the forepeak, so we had to block some holes with broomhandles and then pour cement down.Our pictue was taken in Sydney by the local press, because of the list we had, plus broomhandles and 8ft of timber as deck cargo.
It was an eventful trip,we left our mark from Noumea to the Phillipines,and even up the Shannon,before paying off some 18months later in Newcastle.
It was so good even the Bosun jumped ship along with the Peggy.
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