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Hello there, I am researching family history and looking for info on an Anchorline passenger-cargo ship called Caledonia, it had sister ships Cilicia and Circassia, was built to do the Liverpool-Bombay route in late 40s. I had two family members use this ship in 1950s and I am very curious about their experience. They have passed away now so I cannot ask them. I want to know specific things like how they passed the time, would there have been entertainment on a ship this size, I know it wasn't huge...I am guessing the voyage would have been around 6 weeks? Just wondered how they passed the time. Also what kind of food would they eat? And would it be noisy in the cabins from engines? Also, I have read the route would be Gibraltar then Port Said, Aden then Karachi/Bombay. Would passengers disembark at these ports? I am also curious about whether they would have passed many other ships during the voyage and what the sunsets and sunrises are like. Thanks so much for any details you can give which might be of interest. As you can tell, I really know very little!
Hi it’s been interesting reading about the Caledonia, my Grandfather was the Chief steward on her.
I can remember being taken to the docks in Glasgow by my parents to see my Grandfather he instructed one of the crew to SHOW THE BOY OVER THE SHIP,
Family history suggests Grandfather was the commodore chief steward, the Senior chief steward in the company, could this be correct ? He was certainly with the Anchor Line for many .
My Grandfather served on the Caledonia from first to last sailing, he served in the merchant navy throughout his working life, he was torpedoed twice, first occasion during WW1 then again WW2, he received an MBE on the
first January 1949.
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