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"My father, Albert Roche sailed in her during the war patrolling the Straits of Murmansk. He served on several ships but Circasia was always his favorite, maybe because he was from Glasgow, the home port of theAnchor Line."

The first headmaster of my high school in Kenya was briefly Captain of Circassia in late 1940 when she was fitted out as an Armed Merchant Cruiser.

My brief comment on this was " She was at that time assigned to the Northern and Western Patrols. The decision had already been taken that strategically, the AMCs were a failure and that they should all be converted to troopships."

Some of us put together an account of his life and you will find a picture of Cilicia in her wartime drab at - about 2/3rds or 3/4s down the page.

A good place for other Anchor Line pictures, including Circassia and Cilicia (scroll quite a way down) is at
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