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TV news networks, such a Fox 10 News Pheonix Arizona, cover rolling police pursuits by helicopter. Here in the UK that would be deemed by OFCOM as irresponsible broadcasting

I appreciate they are warning motorists to stay away from the area & take alternative routes

But, then, why not report it as a traffic report by a presenter in the studio?

I have emailed Fox 10 Phoenix for a statement, but I wont hold my breath for a reply lol

These irresponsible TV networks (Not just Fox 10 Pheonix) are spending around £90 an hour in aviation fuel; not to mention cancelling normal scheduling

Traffic reporting? No

These drivers, usually in stolen vehicle, play up to the camera enjoying their 'fifteen minutes of fame'

They then do 'doughnuts' in the cars & drive faster and execute more dangerous manoeuvres, such as driving against traffic along the wrong side of the freeway

I notice the US police tend to hang back giving the driver less reason to drive at speed & dangerously. This because they are covering the pursuit from their own helicopter

Why don't the police ask ATC to ground the news network helicopters? The police have their own, after all
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