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Royal Prince

Sailed on the Royal Prince as A/B in 1982.Did about 9 trips on her to the Medi and back to Manchester.One of the best Ships that i sailed on.You did 3 month long trips and had a trip off The Crew on her From Captains Strevins and Pound mate Ian Chadwick,Bosun John Pearce,to Jumbo the Cook were great, so I Nailed my Bags to the Deck with six inch Nails
On one trip we were alongside at Limossol Cyprus when Captain Pound called us all into the Messroom and asked for volunteers to go on a mercy trip over to Beirut to pick up Refugees.Needless to say we all agreed to go.All the Containers except the outer layer on the Hatch were taken off.We then went alongside the RAF Pier at Akrotari and loaded Military Personel, Clothing,and Army Food Ration Packs.After a twelve hour trip off a Beach north of Beirut we arrived at dawn and loaded hundreds of People on to the foredeck,then sailed for Larnica .Once we docked the Army cordened off the Quay and I believe they found a few Terrorists among the People coming off the Ship. We then went back to Akrotari unloaded the stores,and were invited to the RAF Police Mess for a free booze up<Great times, happy Ship
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