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Yes, according to The Times (London), the master was Captain C. Sendall. His wife was with him on that last voyage - she was transferred to the destroyer HMAS Vendetta, along with the wife of the chief engineer, Mrs. Gray, the only woman member of the crew, and a handful of men.

From a subequent article, the drama didn't end with the grounding:

Sydney, April 11.- Armed men have
claimed possession of the abandoned
British freighter Runic, which went
aground on Middleton reef, about 600
miles from here, on February 19, a
spokesman for the Botany Bay
Shipping Company said today.
He said the men boarded the Runic
several days ago, "fully armed", and
claimed the right to salve the vessel. He
refused to disclose how many were in
the party, or the name of any salvage
company for which his company might
be acting. Meanwhile unconfirmed
reports said several tugs from rival
companies were steaming towards the
Runic from Hong Kong.
The Botany Bay spokesman said:
"We have enough armed men on board
to meet any attempt to take the ship
by force. The Runic is still worth
between a quarter and half a million
pounds as scrap in Japan".
The ship belonged to the Shaw Savill
line, but the spokesman claimed that
they abandoned her on the reef, which
has no sovereign country.
The Sydney manager for Shaw
Savill, Mr. D. J. Stilwell, said tonight:
"We still own the Runic. These people
are trespassing on our property".-
Associated Press.

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