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I last saw the runic in November 03, all but gone with the bow ready to roll over.
Alongside her is a old Jap style fiberglass long liner not more than 150 metres away that was steaming to lay in the lagoon over night at the reef and whilst on autopilot the helmsman fell asleep and up she went.
I know of one family that was salving the Runic for valuables and they were living onboard the ship for a period of 9 months using the ships genorators for power.
About 20 or 30 miles due south of Middleton lies Elizabeth reef and my father was working aboard the salvage vessel "Oneewa" out of Numea,that salvaged a jap long liner there in fact we still have old glass fish floats of that boat.
Middleton and Elizabeth are two of the most beautiful reefs that i have seen but quite isolated to reach.
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