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Does anyone have any information on the ss Amelia.
This vessel sailed between Aberdeen and Kirkwall during the wars.

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Built by S. McKnight at Ayr in 1894.
She had English and Canadian owners before being bought by W. Cooper & Son in 1920.
They ran a cargo service between Leith, Aberdeen & Kirkwall.
The North Commpany bought the fleet, including the 'Amelia' in 1940.
She continued with the North of Scotland, Orkney & Shetland Shipping Company until 1955 and was scrapped the next year.
Perhaps someone more familiar with the North Company can fill in more details. I have a couple of pictures and will Email them if you need them.

Bruce C

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SS Amelia

John D Stevenson writes ....

This vessel was , for her size, well travelled and retained her name
throughout her life.
I remember her well as a shipyard apprentice at Leith 1948/53 -Henry Robb's
carried out voyage repairs on the old ship .

AMELIA ON 104069
Steel screw steamer
Built August 1895 as Yard No 44 by S. McKnight & Co., Ayr
145.0ft L, 22.8ft B, 9.9ft D
Compound steam engine and one singkle ended coal fired boiler operating at
120 lbs/sqin pressure supplied by Muir & Huston, Glasgow.
Machinery aft , one deck.
Owners : H.Newhouse & Co .,Ltd.
Port of Registry : Great Yarmouth.

1900 R.J. Leslie, Great Yarmouth . Pof R Halifax Nova Scotia
1903 Magdalen Islands SS Co ( R.J. Leslie , managers) Pof R Halifax ,
Canadian flag
1919 James Foster , Magdalen Islands. Pof R Preston.
1919 Owen H. Donnelley , Kirkwall. Pof R Dublin.
1921. Cooper & Son, Kirkwall. Pof R Kirkwall.
1929 April new boiler fitted.
1955 24th April arrived Chrlestown , Fife, for breaking up

She was employed Aberdeen/Kirkwall or Leith/Aberdeen/Kirkwall carrying ,
coal, general cargo, cattle and sheep Until 1939 the vessel carried a small
number of passengers.
In 1930 she brought eight survivors from a shipwreck south to Aberdeen and
in June 1931 it was reported that a honeymoon couple had to spend an extra
night on board due to fog holding up the passage !

Above from Lloyds Register of Shipping, Lloyds List, "Scotsman" newspaper
and WSS

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Amelia had a berth at the Sailors Home on the Shore at Leith, her Master for many years was George Moodie, being a relative home job the crew very seldom changed.
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