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Hoping someone can help with this.trying to find history of my first ship. s.s. Barrier. She was owned by African Coasters, Durban, South Africa. she was insured with Lloyds.I joined her at the tail end of 1959 as 4 eng.
She was German built in 1921 by, I think, Vulkan Shipyard. ?Bremen.
About 1800 tons. 3 holds-2 forrard, 1 aft. Well deck in way of No.1 hold. Raised poop deck, counter stern. I believe she had been sunk at some time and raised, as the midships structure was obviously of a later date than the hull. Style seemed to be late '30s or '40's. Oil fired, triple expansion. One odd feature of the engine was that, preumably to shorten the engine room, the L.P. valve was mounted on the starboard side of the cylinder and driven by a rocking lever on top of the cylinder casing from the valve rod which came through between the I.p. & L.p. cylinders.
She was rhe only vessel I sailed on with 2 blunt ends and a dead flat bottom. No deadrise to the floor. In anything like a sea it was a case of four hours on the throttle to stop the screw racing and the ship pounding her guts out.
We had rather a motley bunch of officers.
Master, Norwegian
Mate, Estonian
2nd Mate, Swedish
C/E Dutch
2/E Scottish
3/E Norwegian
4/E Me!
Thanks in advance. Any info. will be welcome.
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