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I'm researching the S.S. Polynesian, later renamed the S.S. Laurentian, which was built by Robert Steele & Co in Greenock, Scotland in 1872 as a cross Atlantic passenger liner. I would really like to understand how her three decks, cabins and public rooms were illuminated.
I know that Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb and lit the first ship named S.S.Columbia in 1880. However, what I don't know or understand (our can find by research) is how ships like the S.S. Polynesian were lit in the decade or so prior to 1880. Was it by oil or paraffin lamps with wicks?
If any one can set my mind at rest or point me towards some do***ents or research I'd be most grateful.
I hate to think of all those passengers sitting in the dark!!
kind regards
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