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Clan Robertson & Clan Ross

Clan Robertson
Built 1965 by Greenock Dockyard of course! but placed under Union Castle management. In 1976 was transferred to Union Castle ownership and renamed Balmoral Castle - Europe / Africa service. In 1979 she was renamed Balmoral Universal. 1982 sold to Greek owners as Psara Reefer. 1984 scrapped.

Clan Ross
Built 1966 but placed under Houston Line management. To Union Castle in 1976 as Kilpurnie Castle. Became Kilpurnie Universal in 1979. Sold to Greeks as Syros Reefer in 1982 and scrapped in 1984.

The other ships in the quartet were Clan Ranald, which became Dover Castle / Universal and the Clan Ramsay which became Winchester Castle / Universal.

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