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if ever there was doubt how a funnel livery can change the image of a ship here is proof - the sa vaal with safmarine livery and after her name change to festivale -
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still in safmarine livery minus the funnel colours

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TRANSVAAL CASTLE (1964 - 1966)
O.N. 302850. 32,697g. 17,932n. 760' 2" x 90' 2" x 32' 0"
Four steam turbines by the shipbuilder, driving twin propeller shafts. 40,000 SHP. 24kts.

16.1.1959: Keel laid by John Brown & Company (Clydebank) Ltd., Clydebank (Yard No. 720) for British & Commonwealth Holdings Ltd.
17.1.1961: Launched for Union-Castle Mail Steam Ship Company Ltd.
14.12.1961: Completed.
18.12.1961: Registered at London.
1964: Cayzer, Irvine & Company Ltd., became managers.
1.1966: Sold to the South African Marine Corporation (U.K.) Ltd., London, and renamed S. A. VAAL.
12.2.1969: Transferred to the South African Marine Corporation Ltd., Cape Town, registry.
9.1977: Sold to Festivale Maritime Inc., Panama, (Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami, operators), sent for conversion into a cruise ship by KawasakI Heavy Industries Ltd., Sakaide, and renamed FESTIVALE.
1990: Transferred to Bahamas registry, (O.N. 706635).
1996: Renamed ISLAND BREEZE for charter to Dolphin Cruise Lines.
1997: Charterer acquired by Premier Cruises.
1997: Refitted to SOLAS standards and chartered by Thompson Cruises.
1999: Sold to Premier Cruises Lines Ltd., (same managers).
2000: Renamed THE BIG RED BOAT III. (International Shipping Partners Inc, appointed as managers).
2002: Owners and managers deleted from Lloyd’s Register.
3.2003: Sold to Global Marketing Systems Ltd, Constantza, Romania and renamed THE BIG BOAT (renaming may not have been applied to vessel).
6.8.2003: Beached at Alang for demolition by Ashish Ship Breaking Pvt Ltd.
she certainly had the big boat on her bow at the time of being broken up - the red and 111 were painted out but still visible
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I was on board the Transvaal Castle/SA Vaal for several trips including the one in Capetown when we were renamed the SA Vaal. I was the ship's photographer at the time and although I have many pictures taken on board including the changing of the name ceremony they are all filed away at the moment as I am in the process of moving house but when I get sorted and have digitised the photos I will try and post them here. Also have many photos of other Union Castle Ships which I sailed on.
looking forward to them - i to am moving house - 700 km across the country - to the sea - and like you have 100's of photos of safmarine - union castle to sort and digitise
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