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Old Se Dog - the first did not have the S A prefix as seen in the photograph.

The following extracted from the 2002 book SAFMARINE by W J Harvey & C R MacKenzie, published by the World Ship Society Ltd

O.N. 179890. 7,605g. 4,640n. 10,789d. 439.1 x 62.1 x 34.5 feet
Two steam turbines manufactured by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Pittsburg, double reduction geared to a single screw shaft. 6,000 shp. 16 kts.
General cargo vessel with accommodation for 12 passengers.
5.1945: Completed as WESTBROOK VICTORY by Bethlehem Fairfield Shipbuilding Inc., Baltimore (Yard No. 2463), for The United States War Shipping Administration. Troop carrying capacity 2,500 complete with hospital and operating theatres.
1946: Owners restyled as the United States Maritime Commission.
3.4.1947: Sold to the South African Marine Corporation Ltd., Cape Town, converted, and renamed VERGELEGEN.
10.1947: Arrived at Cape Town on maiden voyage.
25.5.1950 Departed from Birkenhead to inaugurate the south bound U.K. – S. Africa service.
24.1.1966: Suffered a cargo shift in a severe gale off Cape Cod resulting in her Master initiating an S. O. S. radio call. She proceeded under her own power to Boston with a U. S. Coast Guard cutter escort.
1966: Renamed S. A. VICTORY.
26.10.1969: Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition.
30.11.1969: The Victory Iron & Steel Corporation commenced work.

O.N. 350612. 10,608g. 6,182n. 13,156d. 551’ 10”(BB) x 75’ 0” x 31’ 8 ¾ ” oa.
Post 1975: 12,337g. 6,982n. 15,510d. 182.58(BB) x 22.86 x 9.551 metres oa.
6-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (900 x 1550mm) Sulzer 6RND90 type engine manufactured by Uraga Heavy Industries Ltd., Tamashima. 15,000 bhp. 20 kts.
Refrigerated general cargo vessel with accommodation for 4 passengers.
10.4.1969: Keel laid by Mitsui Zosen, Fujinagata (Yard No. 150), for the South African Marine Corporation Ltd., Cape Town.
2.7.1969: Launched.
22.10.1969: Completed.
12.1969: Arrived Table Bay on maiden voyage.
1970: Fitted with a Stulken Derrick at Hamburg.
10.5.1975: Arrived at Tamano to be lengthened by Tamano Dockyard Company Ltd.
20:48 hrs, 11.11.1977: Whilst in the Queen Elizabeth Dock, Hull was struck by the Russian RoRo vessel MEKHANIK KONSALOV that had been ripped off her berth in gale force wind.
1979: Owners restyled as South African Marine Corporation Ltd., (SAFMARINE).
07:45hrs., 8.5.1984: Grounded at Baixos da Inhaca, Maputo Bay, due to having missed a buoy.
21:23hrs., 8.5.1984: Refloated with tug assistance. The subsequent inquiry found her Master to have been negligent.
21.5.1985: Transferred to Consolidated Operations Ltd., (South African Marine Corporation Ltd., (SAFMARINE), managers), Cape Town, under the St. Vincent & The Grenadines registry and renamed VERGELEGEN.
1986: Transferred to Capesal Co. Inc., (same managers).
16.5.1988: Transferred to Oriel Bulk Transport AG, (Sounion Management Ltd., managers), and renamed VIRGEL. (Rondeau Holdings A.G.).
16.5.1991: Anchored off Alang for demolition. ($200 per light ton displacement).
28.5.1991: Amar Shipbreaking Corporation commenced work.
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