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Saga's second new ship will have its own style, according to an announcement from the British cruise brand.

The Spirit of Adventure will launch in 2020 with a design theme of "bold and adventurous," the ship will also debut a Nepalese speciality restaurant inspired by Gurkha heritage.

While 999-passenger Spirit of Adventure will be the same shape and size as sister ship the Spirit of Discovery (launching July 10, 2019), their strong, individual interior designs will create "separate identities" said Saga’s New Build Director David Pickett.

London design agency AD Associates was appointed to provide the overall design direction for Spirit of Adventure.

“We are delighted to be working with AD Associates, an agency that’s able to interpret and deliver on our commitment to high-quality authentic design and customer service," Pickett said.

“Thanks to her bold and striking interiors, Spirit of Adventure will be a true representation of the best of British innovation and flair.”

Nicola Preece, AD Associates’ Design Director explained: “The approach is bold and adventurous, eclectic, and with carefully curated use of colour, offering variation, big-scale patterns and a layered palette.”


The Living Room (pictured above)

At the heart of the ship, The Living Room will feature a bar serving coffee, cakes and gelato during the day and cocktails at night. The architectural design will be strong and angular with a sculptural staircase and a full-height artwork as the backdrop, Saga said.

Khukuri House

Ttraditional artwork will be a feature of Khukuri House which will serve authentic Nepalese cuisine inspired by Gurkha heritage. A vibrant color palette will transfer to the furnishings and the artwork style of a region called madhabani, characterised by geometrical patterns. Subtle room dividers have been influenced by Nepalese fabric dhaka while lighting pays homage to the traditional dress of Nepalese women.

The Amalfi

This sophisticated space will provide an authentic Italian experience from the moment guests step inside the restaurant, Saga said. Design features include marble, brass-trimmed floor-to-ceiling wine cabinets, a four-colour tiled floor, up-lit screens and bold splashes of colour with red leather chairs.


Cabins will feature three main styles – one calming, light and garden-like, echoing elements of the British countryside with light timbers and a pastel green colour palette, plus beautifully embroidered fabrics.

The second group of cabins will incorporate a sophisticated color palette of greys and dark timbers, accented with pinks and oranges on the furnishings and the carpet. The dark timber bed back-panel will feature an upholstered headboard.

Finally, the third will be reminiscent of sunset scenes: calming neutral tones, highlighted with warming burnt oranges.

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