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When starting on her inaugural voyage earlier this month, TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 2 was carrying 225 liters of Sal****er’s Gin in oak barrels. The distillate from an distillery in Salzburg, Germany, is scheduled to travel 20,000 nautical miles, after which guests can by limited edition bottles.

The gin will have flavors of sea salt, cranberries and rhubarb, according to TUI.

“The original gin is clear,” explained Master Distiller Siegfried Herzog, in a prepared statement. “The finished product will have brownish tones due the storage in fine-grained oak barrels.”

The gentle rocking through the waves is said to give the gin “harmony.”

Scheduled to arrive in Civitavecchia on May 23, the barrels will be transported back to Salzburg for bottling. The limited edition bottles will be available onboard as of June 5.

According to TUI, the gin is brewed from organic wheat alcohol, juniper, fennel, coriander, ginger, lemons, cranberries and rhubarb in addition to an infusion of sea salt, hence the name, Sal****er’s Gin.

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