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Growing up in New Jersey I had a neighbor who, along with her London based son, did numerous trips annually on Queen ships. When I told her we were going to Europe and hoped to return on one of the Queens, she said I must tell her which booking and she would give me a letter of introduction to "darling Geoffrey Marr" (QE)or "that rascal Treasure-Jones" (QM). By the time we went the rascal and the Mary were gone, and the Elizabeth was on short time, but I did give her letter to Cdr Marr. She must have pulled some weight because it got us Captain's cabin cocktails, a dinner at the Captain's table, Brandies in the Verandah Grill, and the next day I got a top to bottom tour including a short stint at the helm of the Elizabeth. As I said, it must have been quite a letter--I almost wish I had steamed it open! It would have been nice to meet JTJ though.
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