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As the situation at Uljanik shipyard continues to deteriorate, Scenic chairman and founder Glen Moroney arrived at the facility in Pula, Croatia, earlier this week after work once again stopped on the new Scenic 228-guest ship last Friday, according to Croatian news sources.

Striking shipyard workers, said to be unpaid for seven months, also put a temporary stop to progress being done by contractors on the Scenic Eclipse.

Following the yard situation, Scenic issued a statement earlier this year delaying the ship’s delivery to August and noting that they had directly hired their own labor to finish the ship.

Moroney’s arrival quickly followed the work stoppage last Friday, as did a legal letter from Scenic’s legal team advising the administration and so-called strike committee at Uljanik that Scenic would file criminal charges if they could not continue work on their ship.

Work has thus restarted on the Eclipse, according to Croatian news reports.

Samir Hadži?, part of the Uljanik Supervisory Board, was quoted as saying that the yard needs a solution and at least temporary funding. He said Scenic was an unfortunate collateral victim of the entire situation.

The yard workers continue to be on strike, but so far let outside contractors in to work on the Scenic Eclipse according to news reports.

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