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Seabourn has announced deployment and opened sales for the inaugural season of expedition itineraries aboard the Seabourn Venture. The first deployment for the ship includes 25 expeditions ranging from seven to 22 days.

“We have thoughtfully and carefully designed these expedition itineraries to not just visit but also provide the best authentic destination experiences in some of the most interesting and hard-to-reach locations in the world,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn. “Along with the ultra-luxury lifestyle we are known for, Seabourn Venture’s amazing and immersive voyages will deliver the ultimate ultra-luxury expedition travel experience that our guests will cherish forever.”

Following the ship’s delivery in June 2021, the Seabourn Venture will kick off its maiden season in Northern Europe and the Arctic starting with a 10-day pre-inaugural “Highlights of the English Channel” cruise departing July 5, 2021, from Lisbon, Portugal, with stops along the northern French coast, England and Belgium before sailing up the River Thames to Greenwich (London), England.

The sailing will be followed by a 12-day inaugural “Northern Isles & The Viking Homeland” voyage from Greenwich to Tromso, Norway, departing July 15, 2021, and exploring the British Isles and the Norwegian fjords.

The Seabourn Venture will spend the rest of the season through September exploring the Arctic. The ship will sail on five 10- to 15-day voyages in the region, visiting locations in Svalbard, the North Cape and other locations in Norway. Other destinations include Iceland; Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in Nunavut, the most remote and least-populated destinations explored during Seabourn Venture’s Arctic season.

Following Seabourn Venture’s expedition voyages in the Arctic, the ship will make its way south in October 2021, stopping in Bermuda, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.

In November 2021, the Seabourn Venture will begin her Antarctica deployment. The ship will offer nine voyages, spanning 11 to 22 days.

Between March and April 2022, the Seabourn Venture will set sail on a series of five seven- to 12-day expedition voyages in the Amazon.

On April 30, 2022, Seabourn Venture will return to Europe with a 12-day “Western European Waterways” cruise from Praia, Ilha de Santiago, Cape Verde, to Greenwich, England, stopping at the Canary Islands, Morocco, Portugal, France and Belgium.

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