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First Command

Thanks T.C. - now at long last I have a photo of my first command.
She is now my wallpaper - Was she not a beauty ?(==D)

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Details of a very fine lady.

m.v. Scandia Team.
Owners:- Team Ship VI Ltd.,
Bareboat Charterers:- K/S A/S Seateam & Co ., Oslo.

Class:- DNV +1 A 1 HC or tanker for oil.
(HC 2, 4, 8. Empty) EO, Inert, PST.
Call Sign:- GUEP

Official No. 363269

Built 1974 by Oresundvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden.
Yard No. 242.

LOA. 256.018 m
LBP. 243.842 m
Breadth Extreme:- 38.998 m
Breadth Moulded:- 38.938 m
Depth Moulded :- 20.600 m (to upper deck)
Draught on Summer Freeboard:- 15.073 m
Corresponding Dwt. 105550 tonnes.

Tonnage:- International Gross 56298.98 Nett 43092.30

Speed, Cruising Range, and fuel oil consumption:-
The average service speed is about 15.8 knots.
The cruising Range is about 22,200 Nautical Miles.
Fuel Oil Consumption is about 78.4 tonnes per day.

Main Machinery:-
One 9 cyl Gotaverken diesel engine type 850/1700 VGS 9U , Two stroke, single acting, turbo charged, direct reversible, and arranged to burn Heavy Fuel Oil. (on passage)
Output:- 19800 BHP or 22600 IHP @ 115 RPM.

Propellor:- One Right Handed, 4 Blade , dia 7.00 m (Cunial Bronze)
(weight 29200 kgs.)

Auxilliary Machinery:-

Generators:- 3 x 12 cylinder Scandiaverken B&W diesel engines, type 12V 23 HH 4 stroke, single acting, turbo charged, each of 1440 BHP @ 720 RPM, and directly coupled to generators NEBB type WAB 900 F10 @ 1000kVa , 450 V, 60c/s. AC.

Boilers:- 2 oil fired boilers; Gotaverken Type Steamblock 1200 M, each with a capacity of 12000kg/hr @12.5 Kgs/cm2 (squared).

Evaporator:- One Fresh water evaporator Atlas type AFGU No. 6 with a capacity of about 30000 kgs / day.

Pumps:- Two diesel driven centrifugal cargo oil pumps. Thune Eureka type C5 BB 16 - 20, each with a capacity of 3000 cub.mtrs water/hr @ 105mWG.
One steam driven centrifugal cargo oil pump with identical specs as above.
One steam driven piston pump for slop oil, Dawson & Downie type 9" x 6" x 10" with a capacity of 50 cub mtrs / hr @ 90 mWG
Two electric driven centrifugal ballast pumps, Thune Eureka type C10 AD 14 - 16, each with a capacity of 1200 cub mtrs/hr @ 20mWG.
One steam driven bilge piston pump, Gothia type VADM 375-260-350 with a capacity of 150 cub mtrs /hr @ 70mWG.
One hydraulic driven centrifugal bilge pump for slop oil, Svanhoj type NIP-80BSU, with a capacity of 50cubmtrs/[email protected]
Two electrically driven centrifugal bilge pumps JMW type Z12-135 each with a capacity of 142 cub mtrs/hr @ 30mWG.
One electrically driven piston bilge pump, Iron type BD 35, with a capacity of 50 cub mtrs /hr @30mWG
Two electrically driven centrifugal fire pumps, JMW type Z12 -125 , each with a capacity of 180 cub mtrs /hr @110mWG

Eductors:- two water driven stripping eductors , Gotas Larcen type 5-8-8 , each with a capacity of 200 cub mtrs/hr @18mWG
two water driven bilge eductors ,Ellehammer type 40-70-70-/36-20 each with a capacity of 25 cub mtrs/hr @31mWG


Windlasses:- Two steam driven combined windlasses and automatic 20 tonnes mooring winches. Manufacturer:- Pusnes.

Mooring winches:- Four steam driven automatic 20 tonne mooring winches. Manufacturer:- Pusnes.

Cargo Winches:- two steam driven 6 tonne cargo winches :- Manufacturer :- Pusnes

Derricks:- two derricks midships 10 tonne swl
two derrick aft 6 tonnes swl.

Steering Gear:- One Hydraulic steering gear, manufacturer AS Porsgrund Mek. Verksted.

NAUTICAL EQUIPMENT: (when delivered)
Gyro Compass:- Sperry Mk 37.
Standard Compass:- C.M. Hammer MK FG
Radars:- Raytheon 1660/125 and Raytheon 1220 9X
Direction Finder:- Standard Telefon og Kabelfabrik A/S ADF 2200
Radio Station:- Standard telefon og Kabelfabrik A/S
Log:- Sal 24 Jungner Instrument AB
Echo Sounder:- Simrad Vinga 1/2"
Load distribution instrument:- Loadmaster computer 10 HC
Engine Telegraph:- Chadburn/Gotaverken.

For carriage of slop oil when in dry cargo service a protected slop tank is arranged forward, capacity 360 cub mtrs.

Fixed C.O.2 system for cargo holds, engine room and pumproom.
Portable foam extinguishing equipment for deck and cargo oil tanks.

Inert Gas System:-
Capacity 11300 cub mtrs /hr Manufacturer AS Frederikstads Mek Verksted.

Position of Manifolds:-
Centre of Cargo Manifolds 3.8 metres forward of LBP/2.
Distance from foremost part of ship to centre of manifolds 125.00 mtrs.
Distance from aftermost part of vessel to centre of Manifolds:- 131.00 mtrs.
Distance of Manifold flanges from ships side rails:- 4.6 mtrs.
Distance between centres of manifold flanges :- 3.0 mtrs.

Flanges for pipe and hose connections.
Main manifolds :- 6 in total (3 port and Stbd) 16" dia; Flange dia. 597mm; PCD 540mm; Bolts 16 x 1";
3 x reducers 16" to 12" details as per above (16") 12" as follows:- Flange dia 483mm; PCD 432mm; Bolts 12 x 7/8".
3 x reducers 16" to 10" details as above (16") 10" as follows:- Flange dia 407mm; PCD 362mm; Bolts 12 x 7/8"

Hold Capacities:-

No.1. Hold 13807 cub mtrs (Frames 231 - 255)
No.2. Hold 13944 cub mtrs (Frames 208 - 231)
No.3. Hold 12708 cub mtrs (Frames 187 - 208)
No.4. Hold 13944 cub mtrs (Frames 164 - 187)
No.5. Hold 12708 cub mtrs (Frames 143 - 164)
No.6. Hold 13944 cub mtrs (Frames 120 - 143)
No.7. Hold 12708 cub mtrs (Frames 99 - 120 )
No.8. Hold 13944 cub mtrs (Frames 76 - 99 )
No.9. Hold 14535 cub mtrs (Frames 48 - 76 )

Total 122242 cub mtrs (Cargo)

Slop Tanks:-
Port Slop tk:- 595 cub mtrs (Frames 43 - 54)
Stbd Slop tk:- 595 cub mtrs (Frames 43 - 54)

Load Line/Freeboard details:-

Tropical F.W. Freeboard 3.919m Draught 15.732m Dwt Tonnes 108370
Summer F.W. Freeboard 4.233m Draught 15.418m Dwt Tonnes 105550
Tropical S.W. Freeboard 4.264m Draught 15.387m Dwt Tonnes 108370
Summer S.W. Freeboard 4.578m Draught 15.073m Dwt Tonnes 105550
Winter S.W. Freeboard 4.892m Draught 14.759 m Dwt Tonnes 102730

Note:- Deck line 1000mm below top of steel deck. (sheer strake/deck curvature.)

Tank Capacities:-

Heavy Fuel Oil:-
For'd deep tank (port) 1374.6 cub mtrs (Frames 256-265)
For'd deep tank (Stbd) 991.4 cub mtrs (Frames 256-265) discrepancy port and stbd - ford slop storage tank "set into" Stbd deep tank.
No. 4 TST Port. 660.8 cub mtrs (Frames 51-99 )
No. 4 TST Stbd 660.8 cub mtrs (Frames 51-99)
Wing Tank (Port) 540.2 cub mtrs (Frames 23-42)
Wing Tank (Stbd) 816.4 cub mtrs (Frames 23-42)
Service Tank (Port) 104.7 cub mtrs (Frames 31-35)

Total Heavy Fuel Oil 5148.9 cub mtrs.

Diesel Oil
Diesel Oil tank (Port) 204.5 cub mtrs (Frames 15 - 41)
Diesel Oil tank (Stbd) 152.7 cub mtrs (Frames 36 - 47)
D.O. Settling tank (port) 89.8 cub mtrs (Frames 27 - 31)
D.O. Service tank (port) 71.9 cub mtrs (Frames 23 - 27)

Total Diesel Oil 518.9 cub mtrs

Lubricating Oils Tanks:-

Circ. tank in CL system oil 19.9 cub mtrs (Frames 29 - 34)
High tank system oil 61.0 cub mtrs (Frames 19 - 23)
Storage tank (S) system Oil 55.6 cub mtrs (Frames 24 - 35 )
Storage tank (S) cyl oil 20.1 cub mtrs (Frames 16 - 17.5) ************ !!!!!!!!!
Storage tank (S) cyl oil 20.1 cub mtrs (Frames 16 - 17.5) ************ !!!!!!!!!!!
Storage tank (S) HD oil 6.7 cub mtrs (Frames 16 - 17.5)
Storage tk (S) compressor oil 0.8 cub mtrs (Frames 17 - 18.5)
Storage Tank (S) Machy Oil 0.8 cub mtrs (Frames 17 - 18.5)
Storage Tank (S) Turbine Oil 1.2 cub mtrs (Frames 15 - 16 )

Total Lub Oils 186.2 cub mtrs.

Sludge Tanks

Storage tank Slop Oil 359.3 cub mtrs (Frames 256 - 265 )
Overflow tank (port) 34.2 cub mtrs (Frames 41 - 47)
Bilge Water Tank (P) 59.8 cub mtrs (Frames 41 - 47 )
Separ. Tank (P) HD oil 2.4 cub mtrs (Frames 35 - 37 )
Waste tank (P) lub oils 3.5 cub mtrs (Frames 33 - 35 )
Waste tank (P) Fuel Oil 1.0 cub mtrs (Frames 33.5 - 35 )
Drain Tank (P) Lub Oil 2.1 cub mtrs (Frames 31 - 33 )
Sludge Tank (P) 12.5 cub mtrs (Frames 27 - 31 )
Drain Tank (P) Lub Oil 1.1 cub mtrs (Frames 15 - 16 )
Dirty Tank in CL system 76.3 cub mtrs (Frames 34 - 45 )
Collecting Tank (S) Lub oil 9.3 cub mtrs (Frames 17.5 - 19)
Collecting tank (S) Lub Oil 9.8 cub mtrs (Frames 17.5 - 19 )

Total Sludge Tanks 571.3 cub mtrs.


Fore Peak Tank 3489.1 cub mtrs (Frames 260 - Stem)
No. 1 DB (P&S) 1517.5 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 206 - 255 )
No. 2 DB (P&S) 2278.6 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 141 - 206 )
No. 3 DB (P&S) 1541.0 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 97 - 141 )
No.4. DB (P&S) 1207.3 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 54 - 97 )
Upper Aft Peak Tank 644.7 cub mtrs (Frames stern - 15 )
No. 1 TST (P&S) 911.6 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 187 - 255 )
No. 2 TST (P&S) 608.9 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 143 - 187 )
No. 3 TST (P&S) 608.9 cub mtrs X 2 (Frames 99 - 143 )

Total Water Ballast 21481.4 cub mtrs. (Segregated)


FW Tank Port 86.3 cub mtrs (Frames 5 - 15 )
FW Tank Stbd 184.7 cub mtrs (Frames 5 - 15 )
Feed Water Tank (P) 73,8 cub mtrs ( Frames 5 - 15 )

Total FW and Feed Water 344.8 cub mtrs.

Misc. tanks:-
Paraffin Oil Tank 0.8 cub mtrs (Frames 17 - 18.5 )
Drain Tank (S) Feed Water 12.8 cub mtrs (Frames 43 - 47 )
Condense Tank 2.0 cub mtrs (Frames 46 - 47 )
Expansion Tank (S) Cooling Water 2.4 cub mtrs (Frames 35 - 37 )
Lower Aft Peak Tank 32.7 cub mtrs (Frames Stern - 15 )
Chemical Tank 11.4 cub mtrs (Frames 45 - 47 )

End of details.

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Master in waiting

Here is one of Scandia Teams Captains (Me) taken just 21 years before she was launched. The good looking fair haired guy 4th kid from the right in back row.
Wormit Primary School, Fife 1953.(Wave)

And the same guy just 27 years later - at time of appointment to command (1980). And still good looking !!


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What does this have to do with the Seateam thread ?.
Well perhaps a bit of imagination is required.
Here are some clues:-

Good looking ships for good looking people ?

A prod to perhaps rekindle that excellent contribution DSM (U.K.) favoured in respect of the Ship Adoption programme ?

What happened to the good looks after 3 1/2 years ?

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Only did one trip on TEAMSHIP IV... Sevonia Team.... 1975

Sat 2/M in Glasgow and then a couple of days later flew (Xmas Eve) to Athens and joined the ship on Boxing Day at Eleusis Terminal where she was discharging. Later than day I went with the agent to get a few shots at the local GP. Got back to the terminaal and the ship had shifted to the anchorage in Eleusis Bay.... and there we sat... for THREE MONTHS. If I remember correctly.... "Anchor pos'n frequently verified. Nisos Salamis N. Point brg 180 (T) x 1.5'."

Another frequent entry said, "Lifeboats lowered and taken away on exercise"..... That meant there was a beach party somewhere on one of the nearby islands. A welcome break from six hour anchor watches. Colin Rowden (Mate) did 0600 to Noon every day. The 2/M and I did six on, six off, six on, twenty four off!!!!

Results of 2/M came through... a pass thankfully and I week later I moved up to 2/M and Sloan Kelly came on as the new 3/M. After two months we had orders to sail for Tripoli. Stand-by, heave up and away we went. Outbound passing Piraeus our orders were cancelled so we went out past the pilot boarding area, steamed in circles for an hour to give the old engine a run, then came back to the anchorage.... and we still made it ashore in time for the planned part at The British Residents Club.

On 22 March we did finally sail for Tripoli (Lebanon), loaded a full cargo of cruise and slow steamed through the Med for discharge at Bilbao. From there up to Falmouth Bay for tank cleaning... and removal of 'solidified cargo' from the duct keel.

On 9th May I ended my service in tankers... and headed home for a spot of leave. On month later... joined a rather smart and racy reefer fitting out Connell's Govan yard.

I enjoyed my time on the SEVONIA TEAM... but then we were not working hard... we were hardly working... only did one cargo and one tank clean in five months. The ship was almost 'as new'. I remember the engine crowd going below each morning 'looking for jobs'! Derek Fuller was master and there was a good crowd on board.

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Hi Stephen,
Oh now that's very interesting. You mention Colin Rowden - I sailed with him at sometime and I think it was on the maiden voyage of Anglia Team, he was 3/0 gaining some OBO experience. Was he ex Ben Line, - I have a feeling he was.
I could be wrong though, but I remember him from some ship or another.
Glad you enjoyed your stint on Sevonia Team - although you sure had it easy.
That reefer sounds rather good.
Derrick Fuller or "darling Derrick" as he was affectionately known, I never sailed with, but when I had completed my 3 and a half years (should have been 3, but was extended) on Scandia Team, he was appointed the next permanent master to her. How long he remained I don't know, because big changes/redundancies/farming out, was in progress with a vengeance - (1984 about).
You certainly experienced one of the better O.B.O.s - that's for sure.

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I deserved one of the better OBOs after WARWICK FORT, AVON BRIDGE and NORDIC CLANSMAN!

Yes, Colin Rowden was mate on SEVONIA and he did come from Ben Line. He won the STEAM INN, "Wamf of the Month" award. Can't remember what that was all about though.

He had first come to Denholms about 1972 or 1973 for OBO experience... on loan from Ben Line. When Ben purchased their first OBO Colin was sent there are 2/O with a completely inexperienced master and mate running the ship. After one tour on the OBO they sent him back to a break bulk vessel so he left and came to Denholms for a 'proper job'!

I've been wracking my brain today to remember the name of the second mate I relieved. He was mate getting OBO experience. I think it was Peter Hewitt but I cannot find his name in any Denholm News.

Derek Fuller left Denholms and became a North Sea pilot. Have not spoken to him for about four years, but he must be retired now. A gentleman of the first order.

STEAM INN... the bar on the SEVONIA... the only Teamship with a bar NOT named after one where the vessel was built... as was the tradition for the other vessels. Clever name though.... a play on the words Sea Team.

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Ah - it does not take much to jog the old memories - yes that is colins history allright.
I never saw the three vessels you refer to, but did 6 months on Spey Bridge and Eden Bridge. I wouldn't want to go to either of those again.
Other DSM (UK) vessels all as c/o, Burmah Enterprise (boy she was big) both Chemical tankers, ( which finally caught up with me ) Siam, & Bern.
So Derek Fuller went to the North Sea Pilots did he.
Yes a real gentleman, not only in the flesh, but by reputation also. DSM (UK) had more than their fair share of them in those days - which I suppose is the reason they were so very well regarded, in shipping circles. It's a pity they "blew it in the end" - but when you suc***b to the whims of crooked clients, - that's what happens I'm afraid. (a consequence of the times - I suppose)

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Team and chemical boats

Sailed on the Anglia Team (once)and the Chemical Explorer (three times) Chemical boats were hard work, especially with the number of ports in the Houston area.
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