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From the MCA -

At a hearing today in South Tyneside , Captain Mehmet Salih Bayraktar and Chief Officer Alper Cevirgen, were fined £400 and £500 costs, and £600 and £500 costs respectively for failing to comply with Rule 10(c) of the International Regulations for prevention of Collision at Sea in the Dover Straits.

In the late afternoon of the 29th July 2006, the Turkish registered vessel Nuri Sonay started to cross over from the North East lane of the Dover Straits Traffic Separation Scheme into the English Inshore Traffic Zone. The vessel was enroute to Newcastle upon Tyne with a load of steel. It was quickly noted that the vessel was not crossing on the recommended course of 315 degrees. In fact its course was nearer 010 degrees. The vessel had plenty of opportunity to cross on the recommended course. However it passed round the stern of a south west bound vessel. It also altered slightly to clear another vessel crossing the lane correctly. It eventually cleared the lane after 25 minutes.
The vessel was met on arrival by MCA Surveyors and a member of the Enforcement Unit. The Master and Mate admitted that the vessel had not crossed correctly.
In passing sentence the Magistrates said:
This is a very busy shipping lane. It is concerning that there was a lack of supervision of the passage plan.
Any vessel not complying with the rules of the International Regulations pose a serious hazard to other vessels and the crews on them.
Mr Mike Toogood, CNIS Manager at Dover, said
The recommended way to cross the south west lane was on a ships heading of 315 degrees. This makes it clear to vessel in that lane what the vessels intentions are. Also, if followed correctly, the vessel will remain within the southwest lane for the minimum time possible. Rule 10(c) is there for the safety of all seafarers and those who seriously breach it will be brought to the attention of the courts.

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