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[QUOTE Indra]I wonder what became of P. Cox, Deck Boy, who left the vessel to go home, taking all his belongings with him, without submitting an application to take leave. In his report to the B.P. Tanker Co in Moor Lane, EC2, the master stresses that "he must have been under the impression that, having been signed off, he was free to leave." He goes on to say, "I will now leave this matter in your hands but, in view of his services on board the vessel and the good opinion held by the Chief Officer and myself of him, I would, with very great respect, suggest that this occasion is a case for explanation rather than disciplinary action." [/QUOTE]
Hi Indra, welcome to the site. Hope you get all of the info you're looking for?
I don't understand this quote, though? If he had 'Paid-off' then he was entitled to leave. Why was there talk of disciplinary action and why did he have to apply to 'take leave'? Maybe things had changed in 1967? Some of the other old hands might be able to enlighten me? Vix
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