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James_C said:
I'm looking for a photo of J T Salvesen of Grangemouths (no relation to the Leith firm) 'Vestra'.
Details below:

Vestra, General Cargo
1921,1121grt by John Cran & Somerville, Leith (125) as GRANE for Norwegian owners
1928 GOOTE, Dutch
1936 LODEWYK, Dutch
1936 WARMOND, Dutch
1939 VESTRA, J.T.Salvesen of Grangemouth (not the better known Salvesens of Leith)
Arrived at Rosyth for breaking on 29/8/1957.

Can anyone help?

The following website will be a help to you. The owner of it has a couple of photos of vessel. He supplies his email address for correspondence. Ive used him in the past and found him very helpfull
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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