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Back in the summer of 1971 I took this photo of a ancient classic three-island freighter, one of two, Elena or Lena, stopping at Wicklow, Ireland. That’s about all I know about them and would like to learn more. The house flag painted on the funnel appears to belong to the Greek company Pnevmaticos Rethymnis. I think they were delivering fertilizer.
My guess is these ships were built in the early 20th century in a British shipyard and probably had a variety of names and owners and originally burned coal. They may have still been burning coal when I took the picture (there seems to be a streak of ashes on the hull directly below the bridge indicative of a coal-powered vessel). They also made a heck of a racket when underway.
If anyone has any knowledge about these vessels, reminiscences of ship watchers, or whatever information that may allow me to learn more about these ships, i'd be thrilled. Thanks. Whatever, I love the image.


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