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It has been said that Norway has not been involved in many wars, but Norwegians have been involved in most wars. So the following came as no surprise to me.
In 1966 i had an O.S. on my watch and he told me a very interesting story about Stolt Nielsen`s involvement in the Viet Nam war. The tanker SKAUKAR was on charter to Stolt Nielsen Parcel Tankers under the name STOLT SKAUKAR and on at least one occasion was stationed in Da Nang as a depot ship.
Arriving in Da Nang tarpaulins were hung over the bow and stern hiding the ship`s name and the american flag hoisted aft. Marines were aboard as guards and the bottom were swept by wire for limpets several times a day.
So the ship stayed there for quite some time delivering fuel to a fleet of miniature tankers (sort of landing crafts) that took the fuel further up the river to the combat zone. The Norwegians were paid $ 50 for a trip up the river as the Americans had trouble finding people who could steer. The wheelhouse was described as armored and enclosed with only a narrow slit in front.
The crew were allowed ashore to an American Club? PX? but had to wear American naval uniforms.
In the official story about I.M. Skaugen & Co from 1986 there is no mention of this and the writer ,Bard Kolltveit, had never heard about it had never heard about it when I asked him. However, the O.S. who related the story was to stupid to invent all these details on his own and i believe there are some truth to it. Norwegian shipowners engaged in nefarious business is not news to an old sailor. Carrying arms to North Viet Nam when they were fighting the French. Arms to the Indonesian rebels in 1957, just to mention a couple.Not the kind of things they like to talk about.
So, does anybody know someting about this?
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