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Sorry for docking on the beach

WAIHEKE Shipping has formally apologised to Hauraki Gulf officials for using Motuihe Island beaches as a makeshift shipyard.

The Auckland Regional Council has released a letter of apology it received from the Half Moon Bay company in which it admits regret for its actions

The letter states: “I would first and formally like to apologise to the Auckland Regional Council and all other parties involved in the Motuihe project in relation to the embarrassing situation that Waiheke Shipping has placed on all concerned.

“We would also like to make it very clear that Waiheke Shipping Limited will not at any point in the future carry out this type of behaviour again.

“I feel that we made a call and in hindsight we completely made the wrong decision and are deeply embarrassed and remorseful about it.”

The letter is signed by company directors Brett Subritzky and Darcy Hart.

Department of Conservation Auckland area manager Beau Fraser confirmed to the Times his office has also received an apology.

Both DoC and the ARC now want to ensure the issue does not resurface.

ARC chairman Michael Lee says the council will take all steps necessary to prevent activities that threaten the gulf marine and island environments.

“We’ll close any loopholes in the regional coastal plan.

“The Hauraki Gulf islands including Motuihe are a treasured public resource afforded national recognition through the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act.

“It was designed to protect the Gulf and should be respected,” says Mr Lee.

He says boat maintenance activities such as stripping, painting and anti-fouling, pose real risks of environmental contamination.

It threatens the work of a multi-million dollar pest eradication and restoration programme recently carried out on Motuihe Island, he says.

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