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“We expect the growth to continue,” said Ingrid Berezin, cruise and ferry manager for the port of Tallinn.

That growth is 30 more calls in 2018, up to 341 over 311 last year, with more expected in 2019, she said.

Passenger estimates call for around 565,000 cruise guests this year to the Estonian port.

Berezin said the port offered a suitable location in the Baltic, near both Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

The harbor is located right in the city center, close to the so-called Old Town and main tourist attractions.

“We offer modern port infrastructure, special cruise quays and cruise vessels´servicing areas, and a high level of port services,” continued Berezin. “There is also an attractive discount system for port fees.”

The green light has happened for a new cruise terminal which will double as an event venue, with construction set to begin later this year for a 2021 completion.

“Old City Harbor is a big port,” Berezin said. “Today we can berth seven ships at the same time. We have two double-sided cruise quays for four big ships, and three quays inside the harbor that can be used by smaller ships. We are ready to expand the cruise area and build additional quays for big vessels if needed.”

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