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Another reminiscence.

Anyone remember Ron Gifford, S2/E from Fife, known throughout the fleet as "The Leveller" due to his propensity for imposing discipline with his fists?

I joined his ship -- can't now remember which one -- at Fawley, replacing, I was told, the previous 3/E who had disagreed with Ron and got a broken jaw for his troubles. One early morning, an hour after I came off watch and was happy in my pit, Ron burst into my cabin, hauled me out and told me that if I didn't start to do things his way he would.....

When I collected my wits I burst into his cabin and told him that if he wanted a fight with me, I would keep at him until one or both of us ended up in hospital. We then discussed the issue over a few beers (at half five in the morning!) and agreed to an armed truce. We then became firm friends. He turned out to be one of the best S2/Es I ever sailed with and a very good shipmate.
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