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Hello everybody,

I am interested to learn more if anyone here knew the Non-Stop and Maurice Simon Kingsley, an American/Belgian Trader born in 1932 (he owned the imposing Non-Stop, which sank in 1989 during hurricane Hugo in St-Barth and now sits near Gustavia)

I have always been fascinated by Maurice's story, living to his former residence in Switzerland
I am looking for archives or people who knew him and would be very grateful if you have any information about him or about the Non-Stop Yacht

It was often seen next to the "Daria" Yacht around St-Kitts but its last years she was sitting in St-Barth in Gustavia where it sank. It was also around in St-Maarten in the 80s

The photo below are in 1982 in St-Kitts
And the photos of the wreck are from St-Barth after 1989

Boat Sky Vehicle Watercraft Naval architecture

Vehicle Boat Sky Watercraft Motor vehicle

Vehicle Sky Aircraft Helicopter Rotorcraft

Vehicle Sky Aircraft Rotorcraft Helicopter

Naval architecture Watercraft Vehicle Tints and shades Aviation

Water Underwater diving Scuba diving Buoyancy compensator Divemaster

Black-and-white Atmospheric phenomenon Water Underwater Landscape

Water Underwater Divemaster Scuba diving Fluid

Water Vertebrate Azure Underwater Organism

White Coat Working animal Halter Horse

All informations, stories, photos, are welcome
Thanking you in advance

Owen Röthlisberger
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