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Today June 9 marks the 50th anniversary of the Thorland accident.

Given the lockdown measures I am unable for flowers to be laid at the church but I have been successful in getting some newspapers to run with an article.

For those interested they can log on to either


for a briefer story in trying to track down any relatives of a fellow officer lost

Those who lost their lives that date are never forgotten they were:

Gordon Owen Carr; Chief Engineer aged 37 from the Isle of Wight, UK
Peter Leonard Lucas, Chief Officer aged 27 from Northern Ireland, UK
John Richard Meadley, 2nd Officer aged 23 from Manchester, UK
Robert Sinclair, Deck cadet aged 21 from South Africa
C P S Noronha, Butler aged 57 from Portugal.
Amir Sultan, Deck Serang aged 47 from East Pakistan
Faizullah, Pumpman aged 31 from East Pakistan
Kasim Jan; Seaman II aged 29 from East Pakistan
Zoor Mohd Shah; Seaman III aged 22 from East Pakistan
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