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Good day gents iam not a Bank Line bilge diver but a Benboat one , I was wondering the other day which Bank line vessel it was from which the master was killed by a bomb when he and hi wife walked through the customs archway in Aden. I was on board the Benvalla homeward bound discharging the usual goodies from japan and HGK for the bumboat men to sell back to us.
We were the nearest buoy to the shoreside landing when we heard this huge explosion ashore. I thought it was the Rosebank but iam not sure ,can anyone confirm the vessel., it would have been about late Nov or early Dec 65.
I went Saudi Shields pre sea 1963/4 and a few of the fellow green gills there had signed for life sentenances with Weirs.
As some of have said in your threads there was no better way of seeing the world and learning the job with so many different experiences where you had to think for yourself. Today so many youngsters cant even think . Keep her steady and your stories flowing.
Rgds Ian.
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