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I came across this whilst searching for some details on China Nav Ships via the www.oldendorf site.
There is the most amazing 'vessel'-"BERAU" which is a semi-submersible offshore bulk loader working somewhere in Indonesian waters.
Not a lot of detail as to where, what cargo, into what ships, from what mine and cargo destination.
Also the 2 others on the website that have no pix.
With all the SN 'experts' out there,can anyone give more detail?
Looking forward to the speediest reply,someone has got to have seen/worked on them. (*))
David D.

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from thhe same site, more information on this strange vessel and more details on the coal mine and ports (Lati, Suaran and Sambarata) at

The Concept:

The Transshipper is a unique design, capable of loading vessels of up to 170,000 tdw in open sea transshipment operation at an average loading rates of 1,000 mt/hour.

The Design:

The Transshipper can unload a variety of bulk cargoes from barges into bulkcarriers. It is versatile and reliable, fast, clean and cost effective. The innovative design consists of:

- the semi submersible platform
- the marine bucket barge unloader/elevator
- the enclosed, flexible ship loading boom

The Transshiper is easily towed by a single tug to deep water for transshipment. Barges are loaded at shallow draft (inexpensive facilities) and then towed to the Transshipper.

The Transshipper is self-sufficient and equipped with:

- onboard 2,000 kw electrical generating systems
- ballasting and deballasting systems to accommodate airdrafts
- selftensioning winches for Transshipper and barge manoeuvering
- navigation bridge and data control centre

The Transshipper uses a scraper reclaimer & marine bucket leg to unload barges. It is equipped with:

- variable speed drive
- automatic compensation for swell and wind effects

The marine leg elevates the cargo to the transfer system on the Transshipper platform. Barges are manoeuvered using winches on the Transshipper during unloading.

The Transshipper discharges cargo through an enclosed, luffing and slewing boom. It is capable of trimming vessels up to approx. 150,000 tdw.

Stable semi-submersible hull using SWATH design/configuration: The Small water plane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) minimizes wind and wave motion and allows operation in up to 2 m swell and 45 km/h wind speed.

The Advantages:

More efficient, reliable and versatile method to transship bulk cargoes in marine conditions than currently availbale alternatives:


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Thanks David, that really was quick work!! Are you in an industry associated with mining/shipping
There is another computer generated diagram of the system under coal in indonesia then click on world market, on the Berau site.

You sure live and learn on SN and not just about ships either
I will be interested to see if anybody comes up with any info on the other 2 vessels anytime soon, one in Turkey and the other in Guyana.
David D.
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